Our Vision

To provide pure & natural remedies for common and chronic health problem’s, skin, hair solutions, that begin in your GUT.

Our Mission

Our aim is to unify India’s most ancient philosophy of Ayurveda – That all diseasesbegin in the GUT, along with the Founder, Mentor and my Mother – Shobhana Shah’s time tested formulas to reach every person’s gut related health problems from obesity, acidity to leaky gut syndrome by end of 2020 within India & Internationally.

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About Us


Home lover and Jainism devotee swears by home remedies and loves healing anyone she comes in touch in her life. Her husband was diagnosed with pancreatitis problems at a very young age and her journey to solve diseases from the GUT started from there.

From home cooked foods to Ayurvedic mixes she has a solution for everything. From hair fall to constipation to diabetes she gave us everything from her herbal bitter concoctions. Acne, pimples, menstrual cycles and acidity she had a cure for everything from her pantry. She is my mother and i have got my inspiration from her to treat the problem from the root cause, not just treat the symptoms. These mixes are her creations and my efforts in spreading her message. Be conservative in your food intake and over the top in intentions to heal people around you.


Integrative Nutritionist & Gut Health Coach is focused at transforming lives via Gut Health nutrition, Mental wellness, & NLP

Payal embarked on a health and wellness journey with the world’s largest nutrition school, IIN – Institute for Integrative Nutrition New York USA, IIN Advanced Business Study, Kaizaad Kapadia s K11, Medvarsity – Nutrition is Dietetics & obesity, Qi Academy, Kids Yoga, NLP John Grinder’s Academy.

This journey guided her to change her lifestyle, emotional well – being, use GUT as her core focus along with various tools and techniques to create ground breaking solutions for herself and friends, family seeking similar help for their wellness. She wishes to eradicate obesity and mental illness Via GUTAVATAR.

Your Problems

We humans are facing a global epidemic of obesity & malnutrition due to processed foods & refined sugars leading to simple and chronic illnesses like

What Your Gut Deserves

Your Gutavatar Solutions

GUTAVATAR NUTRITION RESCUE – Steps in to take control of detox & immunity restoring and building solutions to fight any viruses, pathogens, inflammations. Healing your GUT and recharging via organic, unprocessed plant based super foods and herbs like mint, flax seeds and many more such healing foods.

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