1. Vitamin C and Beta-carotene  – How about vegetable sticks with some hummus, yogurt dip or salsa? Boiled Carrot, beetroot and tomato sticks to eat with your favourite dip. All ingredients are always around in the house and have gut friendly bacteria – pre-biotics as they are root vegetables. Rich in vitamin C, which is a potent cure for all inflammations and illnesses. Beetroots are rich in fiber, gut food, folate, nutrients and vitamin C. A shot of these three can be a morning booster for your immunity.


2. Mangoes – Are you afraid to eat mangoes, do you think you will gain weight if you ate this immunity boosting fruit? Well, then you need to re-evaluate your nutrition plan and understand that a low glycaemic index fruit doesn’t make you gain weight, instead aids in weight loss compared to eating that cake or packaged food which harm the gut and start eating one mango daily. Lowers cholesterol, promotes a healthy gut and rich in anti-oxidants and lots of micronutrients like copper, folate and Vitamin C – which help your body produce more disease – fighting white blood cells and literally boost immunity fast.


3. Turmeric shots – As we know, it is our miraculous Indian super hero ingredient with cancer fighting curcuminoids. A good way to have turmeric is also in a shot form to top it up a little more. A powerful anti-oxidant to fight free radicals whilst lowering inflammation the root cause of all diseases. A genius way to drink it is with water ½ tsp shot. Or a warm turmeric latte. Or add it to your carrot and beetroot juice shots.

All the above ingredients are from your pantry or kitchen and so easy to make, and repair your gut and cells to improve and boost your immunity during COVID-19 lockdown.

With love,

Your Gut